I just wanna thank my parents for shacking up so I could be born in the Zayn Malik era.

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Stalia Week | Day Five: Favourite Location

 Stiles’ bedroom.
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90% of my dash is currently the rejoicing of the 100 fandom. it’s like chanting. He lives. He lives.

[chanting gets closer]


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don’t you hate it when you offer help and the other person says yes

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FYI, it’s illegal not to have your license plate showing. It’s illegal to have it covered up like Harry’s car does in this pic


You aren’t allowed to drive with thing on it. 


The pic of Harry on the road doesn’t show the plate at all


The pics were set up, and when he got to the valet spot they put it on so people wouldn’t know his plate number. It’s proof that the pics were set up (shocker).

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The Originals  Hugs

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Bonnie and Damon + synchronized movements

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This doesn’t happen to people from Mullingar…
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This is random but I’m really grateful for Gemma showing her “bond” with Lottie cause I felt like Lottie was third wheeling with Eleanor and Sophia. They only posted pictures of themselves and she was left behind. You don’t have to like everything about her but she’s still a young girl and I’m sure she didn’t feel right about it. Thanks Gem, you’re ace.

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Gemma, Lou, Lottie, Josh and Dan in Arizona - 17.09.2014 (x/x/x/x)

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