you guys should stop making me want to watch new tv shows i’m supposed to live a life

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Humanity is a vampire’s greatest  w e a k n e s s. No matter how easy it is to turn it off, it just keeps trying to  f i g h t  it’s way back in. S o m e t i m e s   I   l e t   i t.

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Close-up of fond Louis and his smiley mouth twitch while looking at Harry tying Liam’s shoes - 29/9

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Sinqua Walls in Believe Me 

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Klaroline + Blue | request by alaricgilbert

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yo yo yo boost this and help sinqua’s new film get to #1 on iTunes. 

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*grabs my own ass* nice

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i never want to get married and have kids i want to be 40 and a highly successful director and show up to my high school reunion dressed entirely in yves saint laurent with blood red lipstick and louboutin heels that could penetrate a man’s soft flesh in the current year’s bmw convertible and wear chanel sunglasses the entire time even while indoors so i don’t have to hold eye contact with the little people

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“It’s always been you even when I didn’t want it to be, even when it broke my heart over and over again. It’s just always been you.”

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  • me: goodnight
  • one direction: stay woke bitch
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Zayn boxing (x)

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What’s the word for horny but not in a sexual way like I’m horny for Halloween but I don’t wanna fuck a pumpkin you feel

do u mean excited


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